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Assopiemonte Dop e Igp 

Established in 1989, Assopiemonte was born to give a home to all those Piedmontese food consortia characterized by a small production, but a great quality of products, where tradition and cultural importance play a leading role in the regional heritage, of which they are a showcase and history. Assopiemonte is a member of the Consortia for the protection of some of the most important cheeses and gastronomic products with Protected Designation of Origin of the Region: Castelmagno, Murazzano, Robiola di Roccaverano, Toma Piemontese, Ossolano, Riso di Baraggia and Consorzio Carni Qualità Piemonte. 

Assopiemonte coordinates the activities of the Consortia, represents them in institutional offices and assists them in relations with the public administration at local, regional, national and european level. It protects and enhances the value of the products through the organization of educational and promotional events (such as participation in fairs and competitions, the organization of promotional events and seminars in Italy and abroad, the creation of incoming aimed at journalists and commercial operators of the major European markets, the creation of promotional material).

In addition, Assopiemonte actively collaborates with the Protection Consortiums for reflection on production regulations and trademark regulations and monitors the trend of average retail prices on a monthly basis. It collaborates closely with ONAF (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Formaggi - National Cheese Tasters' Organization), a reality born in Piedmont and now widespread throughout the national territory with the aim of involving and training the increasing number of niche cheese lovers. A body of fundamental importance to enhance the value of quality cheeses, create a pool of enthusiasts and, through the awarding of scores, enhance the excellence of craftsmanship.





















Over the years, Assopiemonte has established very important and fruitful partnerships, such as the one with the world of wine, thanks to the synergy with the Consortia for the Protection of Piedmontese wine denominations, and the one with Collisioni, a festival of international appeal, which every year hosts great stars of international culture and music and at the same time promotes and enhances the great excellence of small local producers in the unique setting of Barolo, a very important showcase for cultural and food and wine tourism worldwide.

The D.O.P.


Dop was born in 1992 thanks to EEC Regulation 2081/92 of the European Community, and is valid only for food products (wines and alcoholic beverages excluded). It is the one that imposes the most stringent rules in absolute, and is therefore the one that most guarantees the consumer, at least with regard to some characteristics of the product. The dop offers guarantees on different levels of the production process: origin, origin of raw materials, location and traditionality of the production process. Dop certified products offer in fact:




Link with the territory;

Typicality thanks to the link with the geographical environment.

The traceability of a PDO product, i.e. the guarantee of the place of origin and processing of raw materials is the most important feature, since it fills a gap in Italian legislation that does not require to indicate the origin of the ingredients of any product.