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Our Piemonte


Defined in 2019 by Lonely Planet as the best region in the world to visit, Piedmont represents a unique case in the Italian panorama, thanks to the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes, from the Unesco hills of Langhe and Monferrato, to the great lakes and the austere beauty of the Alps. The excellence of its food and wine products, symbol of Made in Italy, is recognized and appreciated all over the world, from the United States to Japan. First among all the wines, such as Barolo and Barbaresco, of course. But not only. Many other Piedmontese products are internationally renowned, such as hazelnut, Baraggia rice, Fassona meat, white truffle and the great cheeses of millenary tradition, which is still handed down today in the Alpine territories where it came from.

The mountain is one of the undisputed protagonists of the region, as it can be guessed from the name PIEDMONT itself (literally "Ai Piedi del Monte" - at the foot of the mountain). Over 70% of its territory is in fact occupied by mountains and high hills, the rest is plain. The culture of the great cheeses, from Castelmagno to Roccaverano, Murazzano and Ossolano is part of its DNA.

In the unmistakable and unique taste of these productions you will find the scents of the thousand flowers of our highest mountains and hills. The Piedmontese dairy products have nothing to envy to those of neighboring France, and present a wealth that is the real treasure yet to be discovered in this region.